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BJP Target Maha Vikas Aghadi on OBC Pol Reservation

BJP Target Maha Vikas Aghadi on OBC Pol Reservation
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Thane: The Shiv Government of Sena-LED Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) has failed to ensure political reservations for other reverse classes (OBC) in the state, BJP Dahisar Mla Mana Chaudhari said on Tuesday.
Chaudhari, along with the party colleagues Niranjan Davkhare, handle the media where both of them accuse MVA have not sponsored the empirical data needed to maintain the reservation because the same was not held before the Supreme Court.
With selection for several local bodies that are likely to be held in the next few months, BJP seems to have started a campaign to mobilize the community and target MVA by holding it responsibly for order failure to maintain.
“SC has asked the state to present empirical data but the state failed to pay RS 450 Crore needed for data to be collected by the backward commission.
The government failed to act in time because the community could not get the right representation in the upcoming polls.
State must stop misleading society now, “Chaudhari said.
He added that the government had issued a notification for bookings above several recent civil body choices but with motorists who did not meet the criteria set by SC for permanent reservations for OBC in the long term.
Meanwhile, Congress denied the allegations and in turn, blamed BJP because of one OBC.
Rahul Pingale, Thane President OBC Cell, Congress said, “BJP wants to maintain the problem of OBC political reservations that have not been resolved.
If the national census is not finished remembering the pandemic, how can the center expect the country to conduct a survey? This center has empirical data with those who can be used And the country can modify it.
BJP seems only interested in OBC’s voice but does not want leaders from the community, “said Pingale.

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