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City Smart Project: ₹ 200Cr notification of poor road work

City Smart Project: ₹ 200Cr notification of poor road work
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Ludhiana: Members of the Board of Engineers have issued a notification of RS 200 crores at the Ministry of Housing and Urban (MouHa) for poor work conducted at Malhar Road under the City City mission.
The body of the engineer has claimed that work has been going on at Malhar Road for a long time and deadlines have been often missed.
The body claims that delays have caused air and water pollution and residents suffer from some health problems.
They also claim that the top layer of the precast block paver made with tiles has begun to be damaged, produces an uneven surface for vehicle movements.
Fillings are made on a very dangerous surface for vehicles, especially two-wheeled.
“The cracks have begun to develop in a large number of blocks and the edges of many blocks have been damaged / damaged too.
Even the surface of the Bituminous road also began peeling after a short bath, within two months after lying down.
The President of the Association, Kapil Arora, said that every day, Passengers must face harassment due to traffic congestion, financial losses in terms of burning extra fuel, damage to their vehicles and valuable time.
However, the most dangerous problems where passengers and residents of Ludhiana faced by this project are health because residents breathe unhealthy air .
He said Mohua should explain why the council engineer may not move the NGT with a request to impose a minimum fine of Rs 200 crores on them.
He said the case, the reply is not found satisfactory or Mohua failed to give a reply within 10 days, ie on 26 February , the association will move NGT for moving to legitimate complaints.
Rarely, Jalan Malhar’s project is still charged starting to take the final form, when people raise concerns over road width reductions and cycle lines used for the parking space.
Commissioner MC Pardeep Sabharwal because it was contacted, “We have a very transparent system and I have written to the senior.
The authorities to get third-party audits of all work, well done under the smart city or MC work.” In addition, he said there was time To check all work and in case there is a problem, they will solve it.

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