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Cong leader to ECI: conduct anesthetic test in the poll candidate

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Ludhiana: Three days before the polling day, a senior Congress leader approached the Indian Election Commission on Wednesday, looking for a mandatory marijuana test on the candidate for the election of the Assembly.
The leader of the Parminder Mehta Congress, which is the OSD to the Mayor, said, “In this election, drugs are the most important issues.
Our party has proven that it is serious about threats.
There are some people who brag to complete drug trafficking in Punjab if they are in power, But in reality they themselves have connections with Druglords.
There is a high probability that some of them can addicted drugs.
If such people are chosen accidentally, how they will fight drugs.
Therefore, ECI must do drug tests Of all candidates.
Also, if the test is mandatory for those who submit government jobs or other tasks, such as weapons, then why the poll nomination cannot take it.
“The Rawal, senior leader of the Punjab Lok Congress,” There is no harm in Test drugs from the contest candidate.
I don’t think any party will oppose this A made mandatory.
In addition, it will also help identify those who are addicted to drugs, but accuse others to do it.
“Gurpreet Singh Gogi, the Aam Aam Party candidate from Ludhiana West, said,” Our party is serious to eradicate the threat of drugs from Punjab.
We will be the first to get a test done if ECI ordered it.
However, there is no guarantee that all rival parties will approve it.

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