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Government in Tenterhooks top Language Language, Barmi Riots

Government in Tenterhooks top Language Language, Barmi Riots
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Ranchi: The Government of Hemant Soren wrestled with protests over the language of the language and the fall of violence in Block Barhi Hazaribag, encouraged the authorities to impose the command of the occupants under the CRPC 144 section in several similar adhesive bags enforced in the region conscious Giridih.
Meanwhile, Block Barhi who was hit by violence in Hazaribag remained tense with the police who requested the public not to fall in love with rumors and warned strict action if caught pampering in the activity.
Meanwhile, BJP opposition does not have a mood at the government JMM-Congress-RJD with the state budget session scheduled for later this month.
BJP has also announced to hold Mashal Julus in all districts on February 17 against the murder of Barmi Youth.
Adding more misery for the government suffering is hatred among several MLA alliances in power over the inclusion and exclusion of certain languages ​​from the regional list of countries for recruitment both at the state and district level and the founding president of Ajsu-P Surya Singh Besra said “conspiracy to start Language races are the government’s idea of ​​their political profits but boomerang “.
Dip outside the guest house here where President RJD then Prasad camped, “in Jharkhand, there will be no place for the original language of Bihar.
For this, we will do anything to oppose the government that has moved the honeycomb.” At present, some The tribal group opposed the inclusion of Bhojpuri, Angika and other languages ​​for district level recruitment tests after excluding it from the state level.
Supporters of these languages ​​also oppose the exception of the list of countries.
“Before the formation of Jharkhand, the tribes encouraged war for separate countries to maintain their cultural identity.
Now, this problem has forced us to continue a similar battle once more,” Besra added us briefly about this problem, then on Sunday said his party will protest teeth and nails against the removal of BHOJPUR, Angika and Maghi from the regional language of the list of countries here.
“Andolan Hoga (there will be stir),” he said, explored the Minister of Education Jagarth Mahto, who took opposing the inclusion of these languages ​​in Dhanbad and Bokaro.Besra, on the other hand, brave, Mahto resigned from the cabinet if he was serious in this matter.
“I was part of a state movement and in the 1990s, I have resigned as MLA to demand a separate Jharkhand state.
Mahto must resign if he is serious in fighting for our language,” Besra said.
BJP has also attacked the government for the elimination of Sanskrit, Hindi and other languages ​​from the list of countries.
Meanwhile, communal violence in the Block Barhi Hazaribag on February 6 when a 17-year-old young man, Rupesh Kumar Pandey, was found to be killed, being played as a government failure to limit the mob mob by the Safron Party and other right-wing clothes.
Even though the Hazaribag police rejected the depiction of the incident as a cart-lynching, BJP was not impressed and correct.
Clothing -Wing held protests every day in various parts of the country, looking for ‘justice for Pandey’.
Now, the BJP leader of Delhi, Kapil Mishra, is expected to visit Pandey’s house in Barhi on February 16.
BJP spokesman Pratul Shahdeo, “We as opposition have swept the problem of public interests and we will not let our guards go down.”

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