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India expresses concern for ‘anti-india’ activities in the UK, looking for proactive actions

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New Delhi: India on Thursday raises concerns with England in anti-India activities carried out by certain extremist and radical elements of the land, and urges the United Kingdom authorities to maintain the vigil in the activity and take appropriate proactive action.
This problem was taken during the fourth Indian-English home affairs dialogue held through virtual mode, with Ajay Kumar Bhalla’s home secretary leading the Indian side and permanent secretary of British, home office, Mathey Rycroft, who ran the British delegation.
MHA’s statement said the dialogue included various problems including the security of the country, cyber security, demand extradition, migration and mobility etc.
“India was impressed by the British authority that needed to accelerate the delayed extradition case,” he said.
During talks, India communicates concern for extremist anti-Indian activities and radical elements in the UK.
Although there are no special organizations or individuals named, Britain has the existence of elements associated with Sikh radical clothing such as Babbar Khalsa International and Sikh for justice, both are prohibited under UPA.
Paramjit Singh Pamma based in the UK, also prohibited and an individual terrorist under the UPA, related to the SUJJ ‘Sikh Referendum 2020’ separatist campaign intended to create a separate Khalistan country.
The Ministry of Home Affairs on Thursday said agreed during the Indian-English dialogue to maintain enhanced security cooperation between the two countries.
The meeting concluded with both sides agreed to deepen bilateral involvement related to security, he added.

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