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Indian driving force Quad, the White House said

Indian driving force Quad, the White House said
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WASHINGTON: India is a quad driving force and a machine for regional growth, the White House said, days after the State Minister of State, which is part of grouping, meeting in Melbourne.
Quad or quadrilateral security dialogue consists of India, As, Japan and Australia.
During the Melbourne Summit, foreign ministers of the countries have discussed the role of China’s destabilization in the Indo-Pacific region and Russian aggression in Ukraine.
US Secretary of State Tony Blinken Minister of India’s external affairs, Jaishankar is part of the discussion.
“We realize that India is a mind-minded partner and leader in South Asia and the Indian Ocean, active and connected to Southeast Asia, the power of quad drivers, and machinery for regional growth and development,” the head of the white school Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said told reporters here.
“It was an opportunity to discuss the ongoing Russian threat to Ukraine.
They discussed the threat that Russian aggression not only posed to Ukraine but with all international rule-based orders, which have provided the foundation for decades of security and prosperity together for the region and throughout the region The world, “he said about Melbourne’s meeting.
“Throughout his meeting with quad partners, Blinken Secretary discussed Russian challenges posing with rules based on our international order and readiness to support our European allies,” he said.
The US, he said, will continue to build strategic partnerships where the US and India work together to promote stability in South Asia, collaborate in new domains such as health, space, cyberspace, deepen economic and technology cooperation, and contribute to the free Indo-Pacific and open.
The White House refrained from responding to questions about recent comments by the Minister of India that India only obeyed multilateral sanctions and did not follow sanctions forced by each country.
“We will not enter specifically.
We are very clear about our discussion, so I will not specify beyond what we have read from the Secretary’s meeting in Melbourne last week.
But we work closely with various allies and partners, including India,” Jean-Pierre said.

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