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Johnson UK signifies the initial tip to the rules of Covid isolation

Johnson UK signifies the initial tip to the rules of Covid isolation
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LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Wednesday that laws that require people in the UK with Covid-19 to isolate themselves can be lifted at the end of the month, ending all domestic Koronavirus limits.
“As long as the current encouraging trend in the data continues, it is my hope that we will be able to end the last domestic restrictions – including legal requirements to isolate themselves if you test positive – a full month,” Johnson Parliament said.
People who test positive now have to isolate for five full days.
The rule will end on March 24.
Johnson added he planned to present his plan to live with a virus when the parliament returned from a short break on February 21.
The Johnson conservative government dropped most of the restrictions of Covid-19 months ago.
Facial masks are no longer mandatory in the UK, except in the London public transportation network.
Virus passport to get into the nightclub and large-scale events removed, such as official advice to work from home.
Officials said the government planned to switch from legal restrictions on advisory measures and treat Coronavirus more like flu because it became endemic in this country.
Have seen a decline in new infections and Covid-19 patients who were hospitalized since the beginning of January, when the Omicron variant which was very transmitted to push the daily Kaseload to more than 200,000 a day.
The current average infection is around 64,000 every day – the lowest recorded since mid-December – with 314 deaths reported on Tuesday.
Officials have credited the Government Jab Booster Program by preventing the wave of omicron cases from causing serious stress for hospitals.
In the UK, 65.4% of 12 and more have a booster vaccine, and 84.5% have been fully vaccinated.
Starting on Friday, the rules for people traveling to UK.
It will also be relaxed.
Tourists who are fully vaccinated no longer need to take the Coronavirus test before or after arrival, and those who are not fully affixed do not need isolation, even though they need to take the test.
Some scientists swept the news Wednesday carefully.
Simon Clarke, a professor in the microbiology at the University of Reading, said that ending the rules of self isolation would be “experiments that would prove to be very brave or very stupid.” “Omicron may be reduced in Europe but other parts of the world are still in flush full of infection surges.
In such circumstances, as we have seen before, this virus is in the best position to mutate again, and there is absolutely no certainty that there is a new variant Will be less dangerous, “he said.
The United Kingdom joined other European countries also relieved Covid-19 restrictions as a decrease in infection rates.
The Czech Republic said on Wednesday people no longer need to show a vaccination certificate to enter the bar, restaurant and cafe, while Sweden stopped widespread testing, quoting costs and relevance that could not be justified.
The United Kingdom still has the second highest victim of the virus in Europe after Russia, with more than 159,000 dead.

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