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Maha may remain with DGP Sanjay; Kunte to get an extension?

Maha may remain with DGP Sanjay; Kunte to get an extension?
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Mumbai: The second fate serves Secretary Secretary of Sitaram Kunte and Director General of Police (DGP) Sanjay Pandey Hang Balanced.
Pandey’s name was not found in the list recommended by the Uni Public Service Commission to the state for the emp penemen, while the proposal to provide extension to Kunte, which retired on November 30, is waiting with the center.
After DGP Subodh Jaiswal took the central deputation, the state government submitted a DGP-Rank official panel to the center to fill the post.
Initially, the state filed a list of five officers.
Then the center requested a list of officers, who have completed 30 years in service.
Along with Pandey, the country’s home department submitted the name Hemant Nagral, Param Bir Singh, Rajnish Seth, K Venkatesham and Vivek Phansalkar.
According to a report, after a high-level meeting, which was attended by Kunte, the central government shortened the names of Nagral, Seth and Venkatesham; Pandey is not in the list.
Nagrery will be attached to retirement in October 2022, Seth in December 2023 and Venkatesham in May 2022.
On the other hand, Pandey will retire before June 2022.
A senior bureaucrat said even if the center has submitted a list of countries, this does not bind the state and can Ask Pandey to continue in his post until his retirement.
“The Chairman of the Minister of UDDHAV Thackeray will make a decision about whether to choose a new DGP from the panel or ask Pandey to continue until his retirement.
Given the next civilian poll, Pandey is likely to continue to lead the State Police forces,” he said.
At the Sitaram Kunte All possibilities, he can be given an extension.
“Our information is that the state government has submitted a proposal to the six-month extension center to Kunte.
Dopt will make a decision whether to receive a proposal or vice versa.
If the proposal is rejected, then Thackeray must look for a new major secretary, “he said.
However, many bureaucrats say that the practice of extension rebellion to the principal outgoing must be done in a way that occurs on the road of the career prospect of junior officers.
“We feel that only the IAS officers must be considered, which has more than one year of service for retirement.
The short-cult officer has a bad impact on the administration, ” said an official.
If Kunte does not get extensions, Shyam Lal Goyal, at this time at Educational Secretary Vandana Krishna, Planning Secretary Debashish Chakravarty, Secretary of the Manukumar Srivastava House, as soon as the construction of the Minority Secretary of Jayashree and ACS Sujata Saunik tend to be considered.

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