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Mallyaa can save London’s house through the sale of Bahamas Assets

Mallyaa can save London's house through the sale of Bahamas Assets
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London: Liquor Fugitive Tycoon Vijay Mallya, Mother and his son may not be expelled from their multi-million pound luxury London townhouses overlooking the Regent of Park, after the Mallya company at the eleventh hour gets an order in the Supreme Court of the Bahamas to liquidate the assets held in the Bahamas Malla belief to pay off a mortgage.
Swiss Bank UBS AG on October 20, 2021 obtained permission at the London High Court to issue ownership writings against Mallya, 66, which was declared bankrupt in the UK in July 2021, his son Sidhartha, 95, who lived in 18-19 Cornwall Terrace, and British Virgin Islands -The sign of Rose Capital Ventures, The Malla Family Trust has a property, for non-mortgage payments.
Rose Capital has mortgaged property to UBS as a guarantee for a five-year loan of £ 20.4 million (RS 208 Crore) on March 27, 2012 but failed to pay a loan at the end of the time period.
The Supreme Court of the Board of the Bahamas Friday issued an order that gave approval for three Balaji trustees to liquidate Rs 255 Crore or more of their assets to apply for Birchwood Hills Inc., a company owned by one of the Balaji Trusts, to be loaned Rose Capital the right amount Need to be paid from UBS mortgages and related interests to prevent rescuory.

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