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Non-covid surge reception at Kolkata Hospital

Non-covid surge reception at Kolkata Hospital
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Kolkata: Non-Covid revenues have begun to crawl above Kolkata’s private hospitals who have seen a significant decline in Covid reception over the past five days.
The plunge has been between 30% -50% a day on average in most hospitals, which, hospital authorities show, consistent with the slides in the total affected amount in the state and cities.
It not only made the hospital reversing their previous plans to expand the Covid unit but they also recommended the covid bed into a non-covid.
In some hospitals, non-covid reception has doubled over the past week.
The Amri Hospital has converted 35 Covid beds to be non-covid in three units and is ready to convert more depending on demand for non-covid treatment, said CEO of Rupak Barua.
Residential, however, remains high in the Covid critical care unit which has 120 beds.
“Our non-covid patients jumped from 250 weeks ago to around 350 now.
Covid Admissions, on the other hand, down 10% -15% every day,” Barua said.
At the RN Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS), reception Covid has dropped from about eight per day 10 days ago to about four days over the past three days.
“There has been an increase in non-covid revenues of 25% over the past week.
While the number of Covid patients received remained constant at 95 for the past week, the level of prospective has dropped by 20%,” said Zonal R Venkatesh.
At the Woodlands hospital, Covid reception has declined significantly over the past few days while non-covid reception has more than doubled.
“While a week ago, the average Daily Covid occupancy was 54, in the last four days, the figure fell to 42.
Last Monday, about 30% of our total occupancy consisted of non-covid patients, while this Monday, Hasgone numbers This.
Up to 70%, “said MD & CEO Rupali Basu.
In Belle Vue Clinic, the number of covid beds that are not critical drop to 28 out of 80.
“We have started using this bed for non-covid care, which is now on the path of resurrection, along with our OPD, too, has gone up while the number The RT-PCR test has dropped sharply, “CEO P Tondaon said.
At the Charnock Hospital, Covid reception has dipped 30%.
“This has led to an increase in non-Covid revenues that has now reached 40% of our capacity.
We expect it to double over the next two weeks,” said Charnock Mamanages Director Prashant Sharma.
At Peerless Hospital, the total number of Covid patients has dropped from 81 to January 16 to January 23, while the number of non-covid patients swelled from 133 to 205 durin this period.

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