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Positive steps: Taliban in Indian-Pakistan assistance efforts

Positive steps: Taliban in Indian-Pakistan assistance efforts
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New Delhi: Apart from their antipathy in India, the Taliban for now continues to respond to the Indian government’s outreach efforts.
When Afghanistan fought acute food shortages, the ambassadors appointed said the Indian Agreement with Pakistan to supply 50,000 MT wheat to Afghanistan, who faced the worst drought in decades, was a positive step that would help the local community.
“This is a positive step.
This humanitarian assistance is for the Afghans that we thank for the Indian government.
We also thank the Pakistani government to reach an agreement with India and provide facilities for transportation to wheat to Afghanistan,” said the Taliban UN Ambassador – Appoint Suhail Shaheen.
The Taliban had previously welcomed India’s offer to supply wheat to Kabul through land borders with Pakistan, said Afghanistan past critical time.
Asked about the possibility of Indian diplomats who returned to Afghanistan, Shaheen said the Taliban was open to accept all diplomats and committed to providing security for their routine diplomatic functions.
The United Nations has called for the assistance of $ 5 billion for Afghanistan in 2022 to deal with the humanitarian crisis faced by the country.
“The surge in full humanitarian disaster.
My message urges: Do not close the door to the Afghans,” said UN Assistance Head Martin Griffiths earlier this month.
According to the United Nations, it is estimated that 4.
7 million people will suffer from acute malnutrition in 2022.
India assistance to Afghanistan will be directed through the UN World Food Program.
While calling for help that is not healed for Afghanistan, India has also repeatedly emphasized that every assistance must be distributed non-discriminatory.

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