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Pune: 2 Based on the kill of their techie friend’s murder

Pune: 2 Based on the kill of their techie friend's murder
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Pune: Two people were arrested on Wednesday night on charges of killing their friends in the Society of Hawa Budding on October 10 and destroying evidence.
The incident was revealed when the police officers received a call on October 11 told that the shooting incident had occurred in the community on the night of October 10 October.
Police found software engineers, Ganesh Yashwant Tarlekar (October 47, Dead.
Sassoon General Hospital, in the post-mortem report, certified the cause of Tarceh death due to a bullet injury suffered by his chin and his left brain, police said Senior Inspector Sardar Patil from Khohwa Police Tell TII, “We caught the Duo, Sagar Binavat (33) and Dattatraya Hajare (47), with suspicion because they were TARLEKAR occurred when shooting when the shooting occurred.
They claimed Tarcekar shooting himself with a gun made by the country that he had bought from the source It is not known by them.
“” However, instead of reporting the problem to the police, the two men left the place and threw away firearms in Yevalewadi.
On Tuesday, we restored firearms and were sent to ballistic experts for analysis, ” he said.
Patil said, “The two men confirmed their actions by quoting fear of police action and they had not been da Pat explained their behavior properly.
However, the victim’s wife filed a complaint suspecting the involvement of the two men in her husband’s death.
“The police produced the two men before the local court who ordered the detention of their custodian until October 17.
For almost a day, the Tarlekar body remained unwittingly in the flat.
Investigation of officers and Inspector (crime) Jagannath Jankar told TII,” There is a possibility that in the environment Limited like a flat, bullet shot sounds are not heard by neighbors.
In this case, there are two neighbors close and both told the police that they did not hear the sound.
“Jankar said,” The motive behind the incident was unclear.
Nothing is stolen from the flat.
The behavior of the two men was suspicious and we felt they did not share the vital details needed to compile the chain of events.

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