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Punjab cm spends the night in the Ballan Dera, sleeps on the floor

Punjab cm spends the night in the Ballan Dera, sleeps on the floor
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Jalandhar: In a major departure from the past living in government accommodation per night before the Republican Day, in the Punjab poll season, Charanjit Minister Singh Channi lives in Dera Sachkhand Ballan at night and sleeps on the head of Niranjan Das room.
In the morning he unfurled a national flag at Teacher Gobind Singh Stadium in Jalandhar.
The CM movement comes with many political messages for the Ad-Dharmi / Ravidasia community because Ballan’s dera is considered the most influential dera of the community and the maximum population they are in the Doaba region.
Channi also made a point to mention the night fact stay in the room of the Dera Head at a meeting of Congress workers in Phagwara where he spoke at a meeting of workers by sitting MLA and Congress Congress of Balwinder Singh Dhaliwal.
“I received a call from several officers who advised me to stay in Dera but I said if I would be booked to stay in Dera then let me stay here.
I slept on the floor in Baba Ji’s (room dera head) and listen to sermons His sermon is very calming for the mind, “he said.
After becoming a punjab cm, Channi, who came from the same caste background, visited Dera several times.
During his visit on December 31, he announced establishing the Ravidas Bani Adhiyan Teacher Center (Research) in Ballan at a cost of Rs 50 Crore, handing over a check worth of Rs 25 Crore.
He also announced the establishment of the Teacher Committee Ravidas Bani Adhiyan Kendra Prabandhak to be visited by Sant Niranjan Dass to manage the overall business of this center while CM, Tourism Secretary and Deputy Deputy Commissioner will become a government representative on the committee.
In his high school in Phagwara, where the President of the State of Bahujan Samaj, Jasbir Singh Garhi himself was a candidate from the Alliance Sad-BSP, CM Channi launched a spicy attack on BSP leadership and even accused them of selling a party to Shiromani Akali Dal.
“Kanshi Ram established a party with a big vision but BSP leaders did not follow in his footsteps.
They claimed to represent 35% of the caste population scheduled but when they had a sad alliance they only took 18% of seats and even in the 13 seats had taken place Dal.
They have sold the party to Akali Dal and there is no relevance now.
They take money to provide tickets, “Channi” in the constituency of Chamkaur Sahib, BSP gets a seat or given them by Akali Dal as they are clear that they will lose.
There are also BSPs have lowered a leader.
They get a very weak chair in urban areas such as Hoshiarpur and Pathankot where BSP is very weak and there are no questions to spit out their voices.
Give them to BSP, “he said.
CM Channi also claims that the real agreement is between SAD and BJP and now BSP cadres on land understand real games.
He then discussed the meeting in Philaur’s constituency too.

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