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School to take part in the drive to recycle milk package

School to take part in the drive to recycle milk package
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Ludhiana: New initiative named ‘Milk Bag recycling Project’ has been taken by Ludhiana Cares Ladies Society (LCL) in collaboration with city schools, which attracts an enthusiastic response from representatives.
With the aim of starting a collection and disposal system where the milk package can be recycled correctly, volunteers in collaboration with school aim to create awareness about how the milk package must be cut and discarded.
President Ludhiana caring for the people of Ladies Kitty Bakshi said, “Dairy bags are used by us every day and if they are not disposed of responsibly, they cause extreme damage to the environment.
We tried to educate people on the management of waste a decade back but there was a less excited response .
“” Therefore, we have started with school children because they are more involved and far-sighted when it comes to the environment.
Bags of milk must be rinsed, dried, and folded correctly and it is something that can be done.
We’ll put in the collection box In schools, parks and milk suppliers.
More people have to advance to make it mass moment for our city and environment, “he added.
Until now, 6 schools are part of this initiative where an activity is assigned to school students.
JK Sidhu, DAV Principal, BRS Nagar, who is also a DAV school area officer in Ludhiana, “a video has been circulating with other schools and they also like that idea and will join the mass of the moment.
We will involve the family of students and staff members .
Most households buy a bag of milk and we will install a drop box outside the school gates so that high school students, as well as the residents of the local area, can drop the bags of milk in it.
“Sharing the process, JK Sidhu added,” will there be uniformity in the whole process , because Dropbox will be produced, according to design and installed outside of school.
This is not one or two days of activity, it will gradually become a routine matter.
This one item can build momentum and other items can be taken care of.
“Mention that the idea has been adopted from Mumbai-based NGOs, other members of LCLS said, “An educational video was also circulated on social media and with students s Existing ecolahes cut the corners of the milk package to pour the liquid.
Instead, a little gap is enough to empty it, and by not cutting along the way, someone can save a large number of plastic bits from littering.
“The main problem that needs to be considered is that the package must be overall and dried.
These packages will be sent to the main collection center and then to licensed recycling in Delhi.
Other city schools which are part of this milk bag project are BCM Arya School, Shastri Nagar, Naga Public School, Gill Road and BCM Basant Avenue.

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