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Taiwan uses Chinese planes flying close to remote islands

Taiwan uses Chinese planes flying close to remote islands
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Taipei: A small Chinese civilian flying very close to a remote island on the beach next to China Beach this month, the Taiwanese defense ministry said on Tuesday, adding China might try a new strategy to test its reaction.
Taiwan complained for the past two years Chinese military activities repeatedly nearby, most Chinese air forces flew to the Taiwan Air Defense Zone from the southwest and south coast although relatively far from Taiwan itself.
Taiwan, which claims China as its own territory and has raised the pressure to get Taipei to receive its sovereignty, has called this “Gray Zona Warfare” designed to carry out the Air Force and investigate its abilities.
The ministry said the aircraft was very close to Dongyin, part of the Matsu Islands offshore Fujian Province China, on February 6.
After previously not identifying the plane, the ministry said they had confirmed that it was a Chinese Y-12 civil, a light twin airplane.
“At Dongyin incident, of course we have made a preliminary assessment, and we cannot rule out that they use a civilian plane to test our military response,” Shih-Wen’s Ministry spokesman told reporters.
“The military will definitely take appropriate action, but will take various contingency actions without minor incidents that trigger war.” The ministry said the aircraft entered the “defense reaction zone” but did not enter his territory in Matsu, which was defined by Taiwan as a waters and airspace elongated six km from the coastline.
China does not officially recognize sovereignty claims by Taiwan.
Shih refused to make details about how Taiwan’s troops reacted to the incident, citing military confidentiality.
The Chinese Ministry of Defense did not immediately respond to a comment request immediately.
Taiwanese media had brought airplane recordings right next to Dongyin, and said residents could see and hear it clearly.
The Matsu Islands has been controlled by Taiwan since the government of the Republic of China who lost to Taipei in 1949 after losing civil wars with communists.
The Matsu Islands were not very perched when they arrived at the end of the 1970s when China often grilled them, but Taiwan still retained military forces there.
Taiwan also controlled much larger kinmen island and several close to the island further to Fujian beach throughout the city of Xiamen China.

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