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The consolidation of power in the hands of XI can be a disaster for China

The consolidation of power in the hands of XI can be a disaster for China
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Hong Kong: The concentration of power in the hands of the President of China XI Jinping may not be good for foreign prospects and China.
XI became a very strong Chinese leader after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) adopted a historic resolution to celebrate “great achievements and historic experiences”.
Resolution not only allows the third term for XI but can also pave the way for him to rule China for life.
The HK Post said that the consolidation of power in the hands of XI could be a disaster for China.
This makes other Chinese leaders with alert ambitions and concerning Chinese neighbors and western blocks since the communist country has seen a quick increase in military abilities and aggression under the XI government.
XI holds all the top civil and military positions.
Experts believe that XI will serve at least 10 years, which means that politbiro members who are ruling lose the possibility of promotion.
XI has become the chairman of everything in China and continues to control every aspect of the government, thus eliminating collective leadership and consensus-based policy making, reporting HK post.
In addition, China under the XI government has seen increasing quarrels with neighbors such as Southeast Asian countries and Japan and South Korea for territorial rights in the South China Sea and the East China Sea.
In addition, he had locked the horn with India in Ladakh, who saw a bloody battle.
Also, Tibetan’s oppression, Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang, people in Hong Kong, and military threats against Taiwan have tarnished Chinese image as imperialists and hegemonic energy, reported HK’s post.
The results of foreign policy and the XI military are leading most Chinese neighbors to join western blocks.
Japan, India, Australia – All major forces in the Indo-Pacific region have created a platform that aims to isolate and challenge China with the help of the US and its allies.
Serve a covid-19 pandemic error, a recent power crisis that has never happened before, a fight with global strength assisted by increased nationalism by XI will have a negative effect on the Chinese economy, reported HK’s post.

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