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The thief targets Kolkata’s house, attacking the police while running away

The thief targets Kolkata's house, attacking the police while running away
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Kolkata: Residents Ah Salt Lake’s Block together to thwart the robbery early Monday morning when they first saw the culprit, and then stung with each other and the police, and then wait in silence until the police arrived.
A team from the East Bidhannagar Police Station reached a point in a short time and will catch the two causes when they come out of the AH 193, but one that is accused of biting the hand and another threw the iron gate into the sub-gate.
-inspektor and escape.
When the two fled, they left laptops and mobile phones they had stolen and iron rods and chisel that they bring to cut doors and grilles are open.
Police do not keep track of them.
“When you get a call, a police patrol from Bidhannagar east PS reached the spot and tried to catch them.
While the police managed to recover the laptop and mobile, both defendants to escape.
In the scuffle, one policeman was bitten on his hand,” said Surya Prasad Yadav, Deputy Commissioner ( headquarters) Bidhannagar City Police.
Residents TOI spoke to said they began to hear noises around their home around 3.45 am on Monday.
“We heard the sound of the roof of our garage and saw some people in black clothes to go to the next house,” said Nilima Bhuinya, a resident Ah 195.
The defendant apparently tried other houses before targeting AH 193.
“My son saw the light of torches intended for our house.
We saw two men crossing gate retired professor Pranabesh House and solve gate front grille to enter the ground floor, which has a back office of a company.
one of them climbed onto the roof.
We called the police Bidhannagar East, “said Sumit Goswami , a resident Ah 216.
He reminded the other neighbors, as they waited for the police, quietly keeping watch from their rooms were dark.
The defendant entered the ground floor of the house Jana, 193 Ah, where two back office employees were sleeping.
The defendant took the mobile and laptop.
When they walked out, they saw the police waiting for them and a perkelahuran broke.
One accused slightly to police and first open the gates in the sub-inspector and fled, leaving the gadget.
At that time, Jana and other neighbors awake.
“We used to have night patrols organized by the committee of the block.
It was withdrawn a few years ago,” says Jana.

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