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AU drove students above Ragging complaints

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Prasagraj: Two days after the University of Allahabad reopened, he drove a fourth grade student from the BA-LLB course for complaints of Ragging by the third year of students from the same course students of the fourth year, Gautam Anand, expelled from universities as well as hostels with direct effects.
According to a report submitted to Proctor’s Head Proctor Prof.
Harsh Kumar, a prisoner of Hostel Shatabadi Boy Au and the third year of BA-LLB complaints that other prisoners from the same dormitory and senior students (fourth year) in the same course were misused by him, asked him to remove his clothes And also struggled to ask him to respect the seniors.
In his complaint, the third year students have said that Anand, along with several other inmates from the same hostel, achieved it and also took cash from his room.
While the action against Anand was taken, his friend Sanskar Aryan from the same course had also been suspended.
Notifications have been spent for students and replies have been searched.
On the other hand, acting based on the same complaint, the Proctor’s head has submitted a complaint against Gautam and the other three at the police station ColonSanj at 11am, Gautam sat on the dormitory balcony with his friends.
He also accused that Gautam was also asked to remove clothes and when he refused, his senior began to abuse him.
Junior students accused that again in late at night (around 1.30 in the morning), the defendant’s students and his friends struggled the complainants and tore his clothes.
They also took Rs 15,500 and his watch.
They even threatened to kill him if he complained of the problem to the authorities.
Profof Kumar who loudly issued a notice to Anand who said that he was previously suspended because of Ragging.
“Because this type of action is stuck and is under a serious violation category, therefore Gautam has been expelled from the dormitory and university with direct effects and until the authority of Varsitas time resolves their questions in this case,” Prof Harsh said.
He added that Gautam had been asked to appear at the Proctor Head Office on February 18 along with his parents.
At the same time, Sanskar Aryan, who was involved in the incident, had been suspended and was asked to reply to February 19 notice.
Pulling, tattered complainants on October 21, 2019.
In that case, ten students suspended by AU administration, including Gautam Anand also suspended followed complaints.
After this, the hostel was closed because Covid.
The hostel opened back a few days ago.

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