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Capitalists, RSS Control Modi Govt: Brinda Karat

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Silchar: CPM member Politbiro and former Parliament Member Brinda Karat slammed the show of Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked a lot about the government “multiple machines”, by saying “One of the machines was controlled by Adani and Ambani, while the others were controlled by Rashtriya SwayamSevak Sangh (RSS) and Sangh Parivar.
“Overcoming the inauguration session of the 23-day Assam District Conference from the Indian Communist Party (Marxist) in Silchar on Tuesday, Karat said Modiji often talked about the multiple engine government, which was manned by the specific industrialist of choice and RSS BJP.
Collaps claim PM new This new CPM is a “threat” for BJP.
“He (Modi) is very true.
Even though Modiji has a factory to make a lie, he has said the truth for the first time.
We have no personal hostility, but we oppose capitalism.
We fight for ordinary people and will continue to fight for them,” he said.
Tripura CM Informer and Sarkar Manik CPM leader said, “The Indian people have not seen the government until now.
The country is swallowed up in the ocean of problems, including unemployment, the increase in commodity prices and abnormal corruption,” he said.

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