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Car pool, bus to combine routes; fee worry for parents

Car pool, bus to combine routes; fee worry for parents
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Kolkata: Swimming pool cars and school bus operators hope to swing back to business with parents calling to order space in a vehicle that teaches their schools to and-fro flooded them.
But, there are worries whether they can teach the same number of children, considering the Covid protocol.
Many parents complain that operators demand higher fees.
“The billiard car used to transport my child now demanded almost twice the cost.
He claimed that he would require to clean his vehicle after finishing the trip and would only transport half of what he used in the pre-covid period,” said Arya Gupta, “said Arya Gupta,” said Arya Gupta, whose son is now promoted to high school at Bhowanipore.
Car swimming pools and school bus operators have decided to provide services “strictly based on needs” by combining routes to drop and pick up children from school starting on Wednesday.
Himadri Ganguly, Secretary General of the West Bengal contract owner and operator association (school bus wings), said, “At this time, our goal is to ensure that parents who contact us do not return empty-handed.
At the same time, with the final examination Only a few more days, many parents we contact tell us that they prefer to use private vehicles.
“Individual traffic protectors have been ordered to consult with all schools and ensure how many students, especially from the main part, will come to school.
“Depending on the number of voters, we will plan our deployment at Park Street-Loudon Street-Camac Street and AJC Bose Road,” said an officer from the East Guard.
Southeast Guard said his officers were asked to be ready for the deployment of the morning which could be compared to the spread of pre-pandemic.
Arupam Dutta, Vice President of the Welfare Association of the owner of the Poolcar, said the discussion would improve monthly fees.

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