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Criminals have taken over stir against agricultural law: BJP

Criminals have taken over stir against agricultural law: BJP
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New Delhi: Criminals have taken over agitation of new agricultural laws and the agitators have lost the moral right to call themselves farmers, BJP said on Friday after the killing of the residents of Taran Taran Dalit, allegedly by Nihang who was part of the protest on the Singhu border .
BJP said the agitator had to draw unconditionally protests and held talks with the government immediately.
“The agitators lose every moral right to call themselves farmers.
It’s time for Saner’s element, if any, among them apologized to the nation and withdrawing and involved with the government without conditions,” BJP Secretary General (Organization) B LSHOSH tweeted.
BJP Gaurav Bhatia spokesman questioned, “How brutally killed someone we love is called a farmer? How does a farmer insult Tricolor? How can you call a farmer who raped our sister?” He referred to the incident at Fort Red on Independence Day And rape a volunteer from West Bengal, who later died.
The Secretary General of the Party and responsibility for Punjab, Tarun Chugh, said the “terrible murder” of innocent people on the Singhu border clearly stipulates that criminal elements have exceeded agricultural agitation.
“All types of crimes in the place of protest by farmers are alarming signals and brutal murders show that all is not good with the intention of agitation,” Chug said and added, “Farmer leaders must have the responsibility of criminal activities on the protest scene and must ensure that criminals give up Self.
“The Head of the Department of IT BJP IT Amit Malviya said,” Rape, murder, violence and anarchy …
All of this happens in the name of the farmer’s movement.
” “Anarchists behind this protest on behalf of farmers need to be exposed,” Malviya said.

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