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Delhi: Connaught Place cleanses illegal vendors

Delhi: Connaught Place cleanses illegal vendors
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New Delhi: Police Delhi, along with officials of the Municipal Council Enforcement Department New Delhi (NDMC), together traveled against encroachment at Connaught Place (CP) on Wednesday and Thursday.
The new Delohe drive was carried out after the High Court asked the official to remove all encroachment because CP was a zone without seller.
According to police officials, around 50 vendors were removed during the trip, which would continue for the coming days.
The New Delhi trader association (NDTA) has submitted a petition in the High Court after the court stated that CP was a zone without seller and that the corridor was intended to run and not illegal vendors or vendors.
The court also asked civil bodies involved in taking the steps needed to eliminate the encroachment.
On Wednesday and Thursday, NDMC and Delhi police officials traveled and removed all encroachment.
Not aware of the situation, many vendors ran after taking their belongings, while other people’s items could not take it confiscated.
“The encouragement against illegal vendors was carried out around the inner circle, the outer circle and Palika Bazar from Connaught Place by the local police along with NDMC.
Fifty illegal vendors have been removed during this drive.
Drive will continue,” said a senior police officer.
Speaking to Toi, Atul Bhargava, President, NDTA, said, “I am not against anyone’s livelihoods, but the corridors are intended to walk and vice versa they are crowded because people have established illegal shops and vendors in all places.
We need to Give examples and not tolerate this.
There are even open food sales and snacks take over the room and squat in the corridor.
Alternative settings must be made in the park or anywhere for vendors to maintain their livelihoods.
At present, CP has a temporary verified vistant vistant There must be around 250 people illegally occupy that space.
The room is designated for people to take a walk and it must be used to love it.
“Toi also spoke with NDMC officials, which stated that they obeyed the direction of the court and will continue to do so.

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