Election of Uttar Pradesh: Tag Contest ‘Beta vs. shoulder’ adds Spice to Polling on Sirathu – News2IN
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Election of Uttar Pradesh: Tag Contest ‘Beta vs. shoulder’ adds Spice to Polling on Sirathu

Election of Uttar Pradesh: Tag Contest 'Beta vs. shoulder' adds Spice to Polling on Sirathu
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Prayagraj: The election in the assembly of the famous Sirathu assembly from Kaushambi Regency is referred to as ‘Beta’ vs ‘shoulder’ locally.
Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya holds a small public meeting in Sirathu, Kasia, Kada and Ajuha Mandals from election elections to get support while the party has deployed a team of 7,500 Panna Pramukhs to connect with 3.75 lakh voters.
The Challenger leader, Apna Dal (Kamerawadi) Pallavi Patel relied on the combination of Voters Pasi, Patel, Muslim, and Yadav and looked for their voices with a claim that he was the original Sirathu ‘shoulder’.
The contest between the two heavy-class politics turned into an interesting one of the claims as ‘beta’ Sirianu and the others as ‘shoulders’.
Because of the presence of a large number of Kurmi, Muslims and voters in constituencies, the Jamajwadi Party camp (SP) is expected to provide a difficult fight for CM representatives in the area of ​​his house.
After submitting his nomination paper, Pallavi indirectly targets representatives of cm because of his failure to provide above the home area and assert that the responsibility must be submitted to the actual ‘shoulder’ and the time has come when voters will give him a chance.
Pallavi married Pankaj Niranjan Singh, who came from Koripur Village, in the conscious area of ​​Kaushambi while Maurya came from Sirathu in Kaushambi.
Pallavi supporters and party workers Jamajwadi also knocked on the door to Garner support, while every Panna Pramukh and his team contacted 60 voters in their respective regions.
Maurya has taken its campaign command and holds public demonstrations in all mandals to interact with voters directly.
SiraThu assembly seats have around 3.75 lakh selections, including male 2.01 lakh and 1.79 lakh women, consisting of 55,000 PASI, 50,000 Muslims, 35,000 Patel, 28,000 SC, 22,000 Yadavs, 25,000 friends, 28,000 Vaishyas, and others .
Co-Convener BJP (Media) Ashish Gupta told Toi, “Deputy CM CME Current Currency Keshav Maurya interacts with voters directly while our team Panna Pramukh and party workers worked hard to ensure a victory record from the Sirathu assembly seat.
Maurya has won the Sirathu seat 2012 When the Jamajwadi party has won the majority.
However, in the 2014 election, the Samajwadi Party has grabbed a seat from BJP.
In 2017, BJP Sheetla Prasad candidate has defeated SP Vachaspati through more than 26,000 votes.
Political observers said the Sirathu contest had become very interesting because BSP also changes its candidates and involves USABs as their candidates.

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