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Election of Uttar Pradesh: The party looks for Muslim sounds in Prayagraj, don’t give them tickets in elections

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Prasagraj: Muslim voters, because of their voting numbers and trends, are said to be key in deciding the fate of candidates at least five out of 12 assembly seats in the Prayagraj district, but still the Samajwadi Party, the Bahajwadi Party, and Congress has avoided field candidates from the community.
Only 16 Muslim candidates, including two of the SP and each of the Congress and BSP, in the commotion in this district.
The highest number of five Muslim candidates, including Qadir Wash from BSP and Tasleemuddin from Congress, was fighting from the West Allahabad seat, while no Muslim contestants futures from coals, Koraon, Soron, Handia and Karchhana.
Four Muslim Candidates, Mohd Ahmad Ansari (Party Party), Aftab Alam (Azad Samaj Dal), Zia-ul-Haq and Fazlur Rehman (both independently) in the commotion of the Pratappur assembly chair, each candidate fighting from Allahabad Selatan and Phulpur sit.
SP has reduced two Muslims, Ansar Ahamad (Phiphamau) and Mohd Mujtaba Siddiqui (Phulpur), while Aimim has also reduced two Muslims, Mohd Farhan (Allahabad South) and Mohd Ali (Allahabad North).
Haider Abbas is a single Muslim candidate from the Maja Assembly seat on the Lok Jansakti party ticket.
Although all of the leading parties made an effort to plant Muslim votes in Phulpur, Allahabad South, Allahabad West, Soron, and Phapamau, community voters keep their cards close to their chest.
Aimim candidate in the South Allahabad, two Muslim candidates from Congress and BSP from West Allahabad provide no sleep for SP leaders who are afraid of Muslim voices can be shared this time.
The leaders of all major parties have intensified the campaign for their candidates because they cannot miss the opportunity to claim the support of the minority community and have begun to make regional rounds dominated by Muslims.
Minority community population of more than 19% in 22 districts, including proagraj, in the state.
Of the 123 assembly segments dominated by Muslims, the number is as high as 40-45% in Moradabad and Rampur.
However, leaders of major parties still believe that small parties such as the peace party, Aimim will not affect Muslim voters who will choose their help.
Congress district spokesman Haseeb Ahmad said, “Muslims have seen the BSP, SP and BJP regime in the last 20 years and noticed they did nothing for them.” Muslim youth now tend to go to Congress, he claimed.
SP leaders claim that they will get back to most of the Muslim voices where leadership has worked on the strategy.
BSP leaders also emphasized that Supremo they always gave an important meaning for minority leaders and Muslim voters would choose BSP in Droves.
However, Muslim voters say inflation, unemployment, development, and education are the main problems for them.

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