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Explained in 10 points: how the IPL salary structure functions

Explained in 10 points: how the IPL salary structure functions
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You have seen several cricket walk away with multi-crore offers for years at IPL auctions.
Players big names have hit him rich, while small players who are known to have become the name of the household, with multi-million dollar offers.
But what exactly the IPL salary structure works? This is a quick explorer in 10 points: – The number purchased by the player becomes a player’s salary (tax is done according to).
– There is no other prosecutor for salary money, the number is a player.
– All salaries per season.
So if a player is bought for Rs 10 Crore, he paid it for a one-season appearance.
So, if it’s a three-year contract, it will be paid Rs 30 Crore (Rs 10 CR per season, depending on availability).
– In 2008, when IPL began, the number of offers and salaries in US dollars.
At that time the exchange rate was set at Rs 40 per US dollar.
In 2012, this system shifted to Indian Rupees (INR).
– If a player is bought, say to a three-year contract, and then be maintained for the following season (when there is no auction that appears), there is a contract extension at the same price as the prior paid salary (this can be different from the case to the case if the team wants Giving players to increase players while negotiating contract extensions.
Usually most players are maintained with a salary increase).
– If a player is available for the full season he will be paid a full amount regardless of the number of matches he played or selected for.
– If a player must withdraw because of an injury before the season starts the franchise does not have to pay the player.
However, if the player is only available for the number of matches this season and not the full season he is paid based on pro-average, usually along with 10% followers.
– If a player wants to be released before his contract ends, he can ask the franchise to do it.
If a team chose to release players before the contract rises, they must pay the player for the short term that he contracted.
– If a player is injured during a franchise tournament must cover the cost of medical care.
– Not all franchises pay a player’s salary in a single way.
How surprising payment of salaries for players depend on how rich franchise cash and how sponsor money etc.
will enter.
Some franchises pay their players together.
The franchise rich in cash was known to share checks to the players in the first team camp before the start of the tournament.
Some may decide to pay 50% before the tournament and 50% during the tournament.
Some people may follow the Formula 15-65-20, where they pay players 15% of their salary a week before the tournament begins, 65% of the number during the tournament and the remaining 20% ​​in the specified time after the tournament ends.

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