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Nicholas moral gives Rs 15,000 pizza treats after the IPL salary

Nicholas moral gives Rs 15,000 pizza treats after the IPL salary
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Kolkata: Ecated after Rs 10.75 Crore IPL Payday, West Indies dough Nicholas Moran gave his teammate party pizza in bio-bubble, ordered 15 pizza which costs Rs 15,000.
Moral has undergone the IPL 2021 Season Abysmal for Punjab Kings scored 85 running on a bad average of 7.72 and in a series that was also under the appearance below par.
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Big name players have hit him rich, while small players who are known have become household names, with multi-million dollar offers.
But despite the bad trajectory, Sunrisers Hyderabad went out for the Lefthander windies.
“” Because outside food is not permitted.
Orders in the hotel chef for 15 pizza, “said the local manager to PTI.
When the team is in one class bio-bubble, everything must be unanitized and even the temperature must be maintained.” Need to be checked by a qualified chef.
Because this is a strict first-class biobubble, we must notify the temperature of the food and how it was unanitized and then only it to the room.
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“There are a total of 15 pizza boxes and everything is unanita before being sent to the room.
The player must make a payment,” he said.
After the pizza treats, a mild surprise came for Powokana’s day after the pizza treats, Moran had a surprise inside the hotel, thanks to a strict bio-bubble security.
Facing a problem with his telephone charger, he asked for a reserve to be unanitized and he experienced a mild surprise when he put it in the socket.
“When he put it in the socket, he was shaken with a light shock,” said the team manager.
“Sanitisers contain alcohol and may not dry properly when he plugs it to get a wave.” Windies went to shop, playing golf a day after series visitors would have a day’s rest in Kolkata after the third and last T20i from the series here on Sunday, said the local manager.
They will go to play golf and shop at night.
They are scheduled to fly on Tuesday, “he added.

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