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Handle key cases even after suspension: sachin waze

Handle key cases even after suspension: sachin waze
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Mumbai: Two sensational disclosures made before the Justice Commission K Chandawal investigated the former bomb of the Mumbai Police Singh bomb.
Assistant Assistant Assistant Police Inspector Sachin Waze told the Commission that even when he was in suspension, he was directly involved in investigation and detection of important cases during the Singh.
Second, Singh’s advice, Abhinav Chandrachud, revealed that the letter was based on listeners.
Waze Cross was examined by Sanjeev Palande’s advice, Shekhar Jagtap, who was looking for information from him in his activities during the old suspension period.
Waze stirred that when he was under suspension, because in Singh’s instructions, he was associated with detection and investigating the main cases.
“Even when suspension, I not only helped the Singh Bir, but a senior police officer Mumbai and at the national level too, ” Waze said.
In his appointment as Head of Ciu, Waze revealed that it was not Singh, but the commissioner together then appointed him to lead CIU .
Furthermore, Waze stated that he restored in the example of the Minister of Home Anil Deshmukh and not by Singh.
During the trial, there was a discussion about whether Singh can be cross-examined as a witness, because the whole case arises from a letter written by him to the Chief Minister on March 20 .
it feels even if he did not want to study cross or provide additional information, and he does not have anything to say, there are proposals for cross-examination Singh, after Abhinav Chandrachud submitted that the letter was based on a hearing and written informed his officers.

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