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Atwood to be celebrated with special stamp

Atwood to be celebrated with special stamp
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Margaret Atwood, a famous Canadian poet, and the novelist will be celebrated for its contribution to Canadian literature with special stamps, which will be disclosed at the ceremony at the Toronto reference library on November 24.
Other famous Canadians who have recently added to the Cap Canada Post collection include traditional singer singers – songwriters of Buffy Sainte Marie and Legend acting late Christopher Plummer.
Considered as one of Canada’s best living writers, Atwood books have received critical praise in the United States, Europe and the original Canada.
He has received many literary awards, including a booker gift, Astur C.
Clarke award, and the governor’s governor award, twice.
His books are the best-selling books and novels have been adapted into popular films and television series.
Atwood was famous for the depiction of the dystopian about the community that was tried by the oppression of patriarchy and environmental destruction, as exemplified by classic 1985, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.
Atwood is expected to attend a ceremony with the filmmaker Sarah Polley, which adapted the 1996 novel ‘aka Grace’ into TV Miniseri, and Ceta Activist Ramkhalawansingh.
Meanwhile, the next Atwood book cover entitled ‘Combustion of Questions’ was revealed recently.
The book, which is a collection of essays, will be released on March 1, 2022.
“In more than fifty atwood fruits directed his extraordinary intelligence and recognized humor in the world, and reported back to us on what he found.
The roller-coaster period included in the collection of bringing the final history, financial accident, rose from trump and pandemic .
from debt to technology, the climate crisis to liberty, from when to issue advice to youth (answer: only when asked) and how to define Granola, we do not have a better guide than in many and Varied mysteries of our universe, ” Read the book description.
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