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Hijab Line: SDPI, PFI Growth Frustration Karnataka Govt

Hijab Line: SDPI, PFI Growth Frustration Karnataka Govt
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Bengaluru: The exponential increase from the Social Democratic Party dominated by a minority in India (SDPI), supported by the popular front of India (PFI) and the Indian Campus Front (CFI), began to worry about the Karnataka government while trying to put out the coal of the hijab-saffron scarf line campus.
Without mentioning any organization, Minister of State House of Araga Jnanendra said on Tuesday he had directed authority to begin legal action against every religious clothing that strives to destroy corrupt communities and students.
“Some religious organizations use students to try to divide the public.
The instructions have been given to identify them and start legal actions that are suitable for them,” he said.
He also claims that not all, but some students, insisted that they were allowed to go to school wearing a headscarf.
“In my view, it’s not a natural view (student) (insisting on wearing a headscarf),” he said.
According to officials of the Senior House Department, SDPI, PFI and in front of the Indian campus together have more than 1 Member of Lakh and sympathizers, the presence of countries, and corinated core lines.
This has been circulated in PMO, the National Security Council Secretariat and the Ministry of Home, based on reports from Nia.
SDPI and PFI appeared on the National Radar after police set their involvement in Mangaluru during the anti-citizenship protest (Amendment) (CAA) which resulted in the deaths of two people in the police shooting in 2020.
Their involvement was also suspected of being suspected of being attacked by the KG Halli police station in Bengaluru In 2020 following the Facebook post by Naveen, Nephew of Congress MLA Akhanda Srinivas Murthy.
Nia arrested 17 SDPI members and PFI in the Bengaluru case.
In 2006, the National Democratic Front (NDF) turned into PFI and obtained a multi-country dimension by combining with the Karnataka Forum for dignity in this situation and with Manitha Neethi Pasari in Tamil Nadu.
PFI increased again between 2009 and 2012 when Citizen Goa Forum, the Social and Education Community of Rajasthan, Nagarik West Bengal Adhikar Surakha Samiti, Lilong Manipur Social Forum and the Association of Social Justice Andhra Pradesh Joined in Clothing.
BJP, Congress and JD have demanded the prohibition of PFI and SDPI for a decade.
However, prohibiting SDPI may be impossible because there is no provision to ban political parties in India.

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