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In Prayagraj, Woo Political Party Voter with a Jenaca slogan

In Prayagraj, Woo Political Party Voter with a Jenaca slogan
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Prasagraj: With the date of voting closer, leading political camps such as the Bahujan Party Summons (BSP), the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Jamajwadi Party (SP) and Congress have taken contests with unique, humorous and extraordinary.
The slogan box to Woo’s voter.
Polls will be held in the city on February 27 under the fifth phase.
Apart from Manifesto and appointments, the rhyming slogan here is an instant hit.
From Congress ” Ladki Hoon, Lar Sakti Hoon ‘(I am a girl, I can fight), to attract the attention of half of the population, to the’ bicycle baies mai ‘the samajwadi party (bicycle in 2022) and’ nai sad hai-nai hai ‘(Here is a new SP and new hope), the parties do not leave the stone missed to Voters Woo with claims that they are the best.
Interestingly, hardcore supporters are also one step ahead to arrange interesting short phrases and even come up with slogans to dig each other.
BJP supporters will not leave the stone missed to take Jibe in his rival camps with the slogan ‘Chappa Bhajapa’ (BJP is everywhere) and ‘Kyo Pare Ho Chakkar Mai – Koi Nai Haitakkar Mai’ (no one inside race, why should worry).
In addition, the supporters of the BJP Slogan ‘Jo Jo Ram Ko Laye Hai, Hum UNKO Latenge (we will bring those who bring RAM to Ayodhaya) and’ Up Mai Mai Pip Se Bhagwa Larhayee ‘(the Saffron Party will rule again) has become more popular in between .
Likewise, the new Slogan BSP ‘Hart Polling Booth Ko Jitana, BSP KO Satta Mai Lana Hai’ also did a round.
Here, Congress leaders also came with fresh slogans ‘Parivartan Ka Sankalp, Hi Vikalp’ Congress (Congress was the only choice to bring change).
Moreover, the contest between the candidate camps is the opposite through the media of interesting slogans and ‘pole khol’ has been too kicked.
The Nukkad meeting seems to change the latest FAD among the candidates of all political party contestants to build direct communication with voters.
Apart from Canvassing Door-to-Door, the candidates have set up their small war rooms to connect with voters.
In the rooms, the candidates and supporters they have a ‘mohallas’ map and the area printed to vote voters about their polls.
While a quadrilateral contest is expected in 12 seat constituencies, each candidate puts extra effort to attract voters.
Many candidates and family members and their party leaders also visited religious places.

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