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Kill the administration of the Singhu border residents further

Kill the administration of the Singhu border residents further
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New Delhi: After a man was found dead in Kundli near the site where farmers sat on the Singhu border, the calm was uncomfortable winning there on Friday.
There are fewer people hanging around and only a few shops are open, fewer buyers.
The broken police barricade where the man was supported still lying in the corner of the road at night.
Gagle the person who used to be present on the site, was eager to talk about the murder of the man whose hands had been cut before the body was bound to metal barricades.
The incident had defeated locals.
Praveen, who works in the garage, said, “Our work has been hampered by protests and now this incident has caused more unsafe flavors.” Sadhu Ram, also a garage worker, peeled off, “We examine newspapers every morning in the hope.
That the government has resulted in this resolution and protest will end, but nothing happened,” Meanwhile, the forensic team as long as reaching the place with police personnel and Exploring the area near the stage where the farmer protests are centered.
After 10 minutes of searching, they held a discussion with a small group of protesters, including Nihang Sikh, accused of being behind the murder.
Local residents were not sure that farmers had nothing to do with the male death.
They remember that about 15 days ago, a worker named Raju was sent off by a group of protesters after the fight.
One local alleged, “It was a small problem and should be resolved through talks.
Instead, the protesters beat the poor.” Praveen added, “they tried to dominate the streets and if someone in the vehicle asked them to let them pass by, they threatened , “Bahut Jaldi Jaane Ki Hain (do you want to leave Earth early)? They always threaten people.
“UnderestesterRed, from 14:30 to 3.30 a.m., a group of Sikh Sikh did their usual daily rituals.
Before spreading, they tied two horses at the barricade where the man’s body was found.
According to the local business owner, traveling at night at night at night at night at night The area is now uncertain.
“After this incident, we will think whether we have to take a walk at night,” said Gulu, a local.
Meanwhile, the farmers themselves held meetings among themselves to discuss the impact of the incident.
Some talk about video incidents are terrible.
They are determined not to allow the latest situation to thwart their protests against the three central agriculture laws.
On Friday, there are a number of them sitting near Dais protests, listening to speakers on the podium who criticized the central government and motivated the people protesters who have occupied the border since November last year.
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