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Raids I-T On Ajit Pawar’s Kin Unearth RS 183CR

Raids I-T On Ajit Pawar's Kin Unearth RS 183CR
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Mumbai: Income tax investigation wings have explored non-counted transactions and Benami valued at 184 crore during October search at Putra CM and Sister Deputy Ajit Pawar, two Mumbai builders and their colleagues.
The I-T department, in the press record on Friday, claimed the flow of suspicious funds occurred with the involvement of “influential Maharashtra family”.
Even though it did not give the name Ajit Pawar, I-T source said the reference was for his family, D B realty group and Dynamix Group.
The I-T department claimed polluted funds have been used to buy office buildings in the main location in Mumbai, a flat in the Delhi Posh area, a cave resort, and agricultural land in Maharashtra, in addition to investing in sugar mills.
The book value of aggregate assets becomes RS 170 Crore, the word note.
It detects suspicious agreements related to Pawar’s CO: Sourcessources in the income tax department says that they have detected suspicious transactions related to Ananta MERX PVT LTD, the company Parth Panth Ajit Pawar, which was founded last year with the address of the registered office to become a Narmal Building in Nariman Point .
On October 7, I-T officials have been looking for Ananta Merx along with 70 other places in Mumbai, Pune, Baramati, Goa and Jaipur and seize more than RS 2.1 Crore with cash and countless jewelry worth Rs 4.3 Crore.
Reacting to search, Ajit Pawar then said RAID was motivated politically and the center misused government institutions and used low-level politics.
On Wednesday, Head of Uncle Ajit and NCP Sharad Pawar claimed that central institutions were labganized openly to disrupt the MVA government led by Uddhav Thackeray.
“The CBI Department, ED, NCB and I-T have been pressed into the service …
So far, it targets MVA leaders …
Now this agency targets relatives of the main leaders of Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena,” he said.
The IT department on Friday said, “Search action has led to the identification of transactions by these business groups (builders) with a network of companies that, Prima Facie, seemed suspicious.
Introduction Analysis of the flow of funds shows that there has been an introduction to not countless funds in the group With a variety of dubious seals such as the introduction of false sharing premiums, unsecured loans, acceptance of unfounded progress for certain services, arbitration of the coluth.
Regarding non-existent disputes.
It has been observed that the flow of suspicious funds like that happened with the involvement of the Maharashtra family take effect.

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