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Shoeejoit in Udham Singh Drink Alcohol

Shoeejoit in Udham Singh Drink Alcohol
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Biopic Vicky Kaushal is a lot of awaited in revolutionaries, ‘Udham Singh’ was released today, (October 16) on the digital platform.
In the film, Shoejoit Sircar has shown Udham Singh drinking alcohol.
According to reports, there are no other films showing alcohol freedom fighter.
Talking about it, Shoejoit Sircar filmmaker recently told the news portal that someone asked him why he showed Udham Singh Drinking alcohol in the film.
According to him, Udham was a young man in London at the time.
For him, it will be normal, what will a young man do at that stage?
Further filmmakers added that if anyone objected about the scene, he was ready to sit and discuss it.
He revealed that he had the facts about where Udham Singh went and what he did.
When talking about using the English character dialogue at Udham Singh, Shoejit revealed that he had not used ‘Gora language which was usually used by Bollywood.
He never identified with it and never understood the meaning of using such a language.
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The ‘Sardar Udham’ maker held a special screening in the city on Friday (Oct.
15) which was attended by several A-Lister from B-Town.

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