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Sleeping sleep revealed him cheating

Sleeping sleep revealed him cheating
Written by news2in

Nely in a million years I thought about my wife quietly cheating on me.
I think I know him.
I married a woman who was loyal, Jolly and was very loyal to me.
He is natural; Everyone loves him.
Everyone admires him for his beauty, personality, and resilience.
But I guess, he was too friendly with everyone made me trouble.
I can’t deny, I hate when my wife is busy caring for someone else.
He is always very busy so he barely has time for me.
And small moments when we were together, he seemed really disturbed.
But a little I know, he wants someone else

I was really not aware of the fact that my wife and my best friend met each other.
One night after a tiring day, we slept quickly.
My wife immediately fell asleep but I woke up because a lot happened in my mind about several work projects.
Suddenly, my wife began to whisper.
He fell asleep, so seeing him Sleeptalk was very cute.
Suddenly, he began to groan.
The eyebrows shrank slightly and he continued to groan.
But then, he shouted loudly, “Safe!” I am surprised! Safe is my best friend and we have become the best friend since college.
He experienced a dream about having sex with my best friend.
I was stunned, angry, heartbroken and upset.
How can he do this?
After a while, he settled calmly, fell asleep.
In fact, I can’t sleep.
So, I decided to unite the puzzle.
After staring at this problem, I realized many examples where my wife and my best friend could be found guilty.
Every time my wife is not affordable at work, I call it safe to check whether she is available to discuss some things.
He will be busy too.
It seems too much by coincidence.
So, I followed my wife to work a random day.
It was the only way to find out the truth, besides dealing with him with the incident that night.
My suspicion is right.
My wife met safely and then they both left.
This happened several times after that too.
I haven’t faced it about all this.
I am afraid if I do it, he will tell the truth and consider this as an excuse to leave me for others.
I don’t want to lose him but I don’t want to share it with other men too, let alone my best friend.
I’m disgusted by the idea to make friends with him.
I don’t know what I will do, but life with this lie becomes unbearable by the second.
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