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Slogan-slogans, Bhajan again as a group against Namaz at GGM

Slogan-slogans, Bhajan again as a group against Namaz at GGM
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Gurugram: For the second week in a row, a group of people, including the locals, protested Friday prayers in the open sector 47 with placards, slogans such as ‘Namaz Ki Korah Khaali’ and ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and resciss Bhajan.
The police were again forced to shift the church around 100 meters.
While prayers died peace, they were carried out in an atmosphere charged and amidst the spread of heavy police.
In a replay near the incident last week, a large group of strange people gathered on the ground opposite the office of the state citizenship bureau, where Namez was carried out every week, around 1:00 p.m., when members of the Muslim community have gathered for prayer.
This time too, the protesters took Miki and loudspeakers with them and the Bhajan.
One of the placards read ‘Stop Namaz in the open’.
To stop the crowd from approaching the Namaz site, the police installed a barricade.
Some residents alleged that those who prayed on the Site Namaz came from distant sectors, such as sector 7 and 8, to “create problems”.
“The police must check their ID cards.
They are outsiders, they have a choice in their own area too, where they can pray.
We have no problem with them offering Namaz.
We are ready to open our community center for that purpose.
But, they are It’s here to break the land, “Sector Claims 45 President Rwa Anil Yadav.
“We want an empty plot to be converted into a market for public comfort,” a woman who among the protesters said.
Members of the Muslim community called protests by several “to get political mileage”.
“Not everyone who protested was a resident.
Political people also mixed.
You cannot use religion as a tool to block other community prayers,” said Altaf Ahmed, Co-Founder, Gurugram Nagrik Ekta Manch.
Teach the advanced “harassment” of the community, Ahmed added that some people tried to “instill fear between us”.
He also hinted that considering the situation and some of the last incidents, there might be an effort to “incite violence” on the site next week.
“The IDS request to be examined is not constitutional and the guess that we are responsible for theft and crime is not understood,” someone who is part of Friday prayer said in anonymity.
The police said the meeting, which included members of both parties had been held with HR.
“The protesters have opposed Namaz in the open for a month now.
Residents want the site to turn into a market.
Other meetings are scheduled next week and we hope to reach an agreement,” said ACP safely Yadav.

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