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Soccer, helmet, bat, is a popular symbol for candidates

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Prayagraj: Apart from the candidates of leading political parties such as BJP, Congress, the Jamajwadi Party and the Bahujan Party (BSP), contestants from small parties and independently in Fray in 12 seats assembly of the prayer district, including Allahabad North, Allahabad South, Allahabad West, Tables, Phulpur, Koraon, Soron, Handia, Pratappur, Phaphamau, Bara and Karchhana, and all have produced a unique way to connect with voters.
Independent and small party candidates are being allocated symbols such as soccer, gas cylinders, bread, kites, saws (Ari), flutes, air conditioning, fruitbasket, cups & plates, rings, automatic rickshaws, bats, wine, carrom board, wine, couch, helmet, farmer with sugar cane, truck, trash can, pressure stove, crane, cauliflower, camera, diesel pump, coat, torch battery, batsman, and hold the door campaign to the door.
Interestingly, candidates who fight from the constituency of trans-ganga and trans-yamuna such as Karchhana, Phulpur, Phaphamau, Bara and Kora Assembly, are now physically seen carrying their ‘poll symbols’ and looking for sounds.
Libraries from Phulpur’s assembly chair, supporters of Sandeep Kumar candidates from Bharat Vaibhav’s party were seen carrying ‘bat’ while looking for a voice for him.
Supporting claims that candidate symbols play an important role in polls and if we can attract voter attention to our selection symbols, they can easily recognize it at EVM and choose us.
The candidates and supporters of AAM AAM AAM ADMI (AAP) brought a broom of independent supporters and smaller party candidates carrying bats, wine, flutes, bread, rings, gas cylinders, soccer, cameras while combing in the area.
So much, that sales of brooms, flutes, soccer, battery torches, and birth pools have risen after independently and the candidates for small parties are being given the symbols.
Independent candidates say symbols are always a difficult matter and they have to spend extra time to get their symbols popular among voters.
As Yadav’s independent candidate said, “While the selection of symbols is not a problem for those who oppose party tickets because they already have a famous party symbol, it is a difficult challenge for independent candidates and smaller political clothing nominations.” Selection symbols such as soccer attract children and teenagers and gain popularity easily, he added.
Ajeet Kumar, a small party candidate, is also happy to the helmet allocated as a symbol.

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