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‘The decision to continue Flight Int’l for a moment, maybe at the end of the year’

'The decision to continue Flight Int'l for a moment, maybe at the end of the year'
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New Delhi: India will soon decide to continue scheduled international flights, which remain suspended since last March.
Although there is a possibility that the same can occur before the end of this year, the Covid situation that deteriorated in Europe has forced the center to rethink this problem.
“I was working on the problem of resuming international flights scheduled with other union ministries such as home and health.
There is no definite decision as now because of the revival of Covid in several countries.
Inter-ministerial discussions on this issue will be expected to arrive at the decision,” said Minister Uni Jyotiraditya Login flights to the Toi on Wednesday.
Previously on that day, the flight secretary of Rajiv Bansal told reporters that international flight services would normalize “immediately”, perhaps at the end of this year.
“It’s still successful in the process,” he told Toi.
Obviously the government wanted to weigh the Covid situation very carefully before deciding the resumption of scheduled international flights suspended in March 2020.
Since international flights last summer operating under air bubbles created by India with 31 countries.
But limited capacity has caused exorbitant international rates.
On day trip peak now, one-way tickets often spend more than pre-pandemic return rates.
International rates for this Christmas New Year are very high.
The tourism industry has asked the government to open international flights to countries where Covid is controlled and who accepts each other and recognizes Indian vaccines and certifications.

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