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The defendant’s cellular theft accused the police torture

The defendant's cellular theft accused the police torture
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Kurukshetra: The family member of a resident of Kurukshetra has framed accusations to torture their relatives to the CIA (CIA) of the Regency Police Investigation Agency in the case related to the purchase of stolen mobile.
Rohtash from Krishna Nagar Gamdi, Thanesar alleged that the CIA officials were so transmitting them in their prisoners that his thigh bones broke and he was currently undergoing treatment at the LNJP civil hospital in Thanarar, Kurukshetra.
RohTash was arrested by the CIA-II of the Kurukshetra police on February 12, in connection with the purchase of stolen mobile.
In accordance with the press release of Kurukshetra police on February 13, following the arrest of Rohtash, stolen cellphones recovered from prisoners.
The police said that after recovering cellphones, Rohtash was produced in the District Court, which sent it to the trial detention.
On December 22, 2021, Shankar Bhagwan from Maseta House, Kurukshetra has submitted a complaint with the Kurukshetra police at the Police Station Gate Krishna, accused 36 new cellular phones and 13 found stolen from the Railway Shop.
However, the police press release did not mention details about how Rohtash was injured and received at the hospital.
Indri Mla Ram Kumar Kashyap visited the LNJP hospital in Kurukshetra on Monday and met Rohtash to find out his condition.
MLA Kashyap also spoke with Thanesar Mla Subhash Sudha about the alleged excess by the police.
MLA Kashyap said, “Rohtash comes from the Kashyap community, who does the work of the thecedari (taking a contract).
As he tells his family, Rohtash has taken the mobile from several shopkeepers, who owe money to him.
Instead of money, he took a cellphone.
Then, It was revealed that the cellphone was stolen by one and the CIA team called him for the investigation.
Rohtash was tortured so brutally in custody that his bone was broken.
“” It looks like his body might not work like before for life and it is a very sad incident.
In the case, if the cellphone is stolen, So they will register the theft case against it but he has been tortured though.
Not a hard criminal.
The CIA has taken illegal actions and legal actions must be taken against officials concerned.
We will talk to SP Regency about taking action and in case, not taken then we will ask for DGP, minister in a country I, and minister’s head.
If nothing happens, then I will increase the problem in the upcoming Haryana Assembly session “, said MLA Kashyap.
Reacting to the alleged police Assistant Police Inspector (ASP) Karan Goel,” Rohtash was ordered by the court to be sent to Hakiastian detention but Because some injuries, he admitted at the LNJP civil hospital.
His family members made several accusations that he was injured because of the mistake of a police officer.
So far, we have not received a written complaint in this problem and as soon as we receive it, we will take action according to the facts represented in the same case.
Whoever is found wrong, the action will be taken.
Meanwhile, Rohtash will go to prison after he recovers from the hospital, which is in accordance with the law.

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