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Various characters come alive as part of Dasara Mangaloru

Various characters come alive as part of Dasara Mangaloru
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Mangaluru: Dasara Mangaloru is incomplete without ‘Marnemi Vesha’ (Dasara Vesha), where several artists wear various characters entertaining people by visiting shops and houses.
Many artists have tried to be innovative this year.
For example, Dinesh artists have directed ‘Malaysian elephants’ acting, where two people, dressed and acted like elephants, along with a Mahout visiting various places in and around Belthangady and Karkala.
The law of the ‘Malaysian Elephant’ turned out to be a hit on social media.
Dinesh of Karkala along with Shashikanth, from Marnadu and Ganesh from Nitte is part of that action.
“We have conducted Tiger, Lion and Karadi (Bear) Vesha for the past two years.
This year we want to try something unique.
So, we come up with this concept.
This is our service to God,” said Dinesh, wearing the character of Mahout with Gooad elephant in his hand.
He added that they needed two days to prepare elephant costumes brought by Shashikanth and Ganesh.
“This is a Malaysian elephant and eating 1,500 kg of bananas on one stretch.
It listens and does tasks as I ordered,” he said when he presented that action before people.
Another action that attracts the attention of people is: a man who captures the bat responsible for the spread of many diseases including the nipah virus; A painter, who cutely said he got a contract to paint the Fortress of Jamalabad in Belthangady and Ice Blocks on the fish pier and Snake Charmer.
Tiger dance, Lion dance and bear dance continue to be the main tourist spot.
Kadri Navaneeth Shetty, a People’s story expert Tulu said the ‘Marnemi Veshas’ became alive during Dasara and Navarathri.
‘Marnemi’ in Tulu means Dasara.
“Previously, the characters ‘marnemi’ were selected based on their caste and profession.
Most children do Veshas to make a few dollars quickly to help in their studies,” Shetty said.
There are several ‘Pili Vesha’ groups and ‘Karadi who appeared as part of’ Harake ‘.
There are also some people who put ‘Veshas’ and went in the procession of Ekkar to Kateel, said Shetty.

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