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Commencement of lunch can bring back more students to campus

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Mangaluru: The state government’s decision to continue midday food in schools from next week is expected to return the reported children away from the offline class.
It will also reduce the burden on students and parents who now have to pack their Tiffin to school.
The midday eating program was stopped in March 2020 after the pandemic hit the country.
Conversely, every child learns in government and schools assisted by supplied with rice, wheat, dal tours, oil and salt.
Even though schools opened during the previous academic year, there was no midday food served to students.
“Offering midday eating at school is very important especially for students under the poverty line.
There are students who arrived at school as early as 7 in the morning when their parents went to work.
The food they wrap often was the rest of the day before.
Sometimes, sometimes it turns out stale, cold and cannot be consumed at lunch break.
Meanwhile, as part of a midday eating program of fresh food and heat is presented.
Along with an increase in attendance, it will also help students to concentrate on academics, “said Shambhu Shankar, Coordinator, Block Resource Center, Belthangady Taluk.
An official said that parents had asked the authorities to continue mid-day food at school.
There are some students who attend classes that remain hungry throughout the day.
“For some school children from a bad background, midday food is the only nutritious and healthy food throughout the day.
It is good that the government continued,” said the official.
Middle-day eating will also bring back migrant students who remain in their hometown.
Overall, this district has 90% attendance.
This year, midday lunch recipients tend to increase from 1.47 lakh existing children up to 1.50 lakh children in Dakshina Kannada.
Usha M, Executive Officer, Akshara Dasoha, Dakshina Kannada told TII that they had supplied dry rations to students who qualified in the absence of midday eating since March 2020.
Workers eat midday to supply children.
“This year there is an increase in recipients and DK prepared to start midnight food anytime.
The district has around 3,213 workers eating midday,” said Usha.

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