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Nitk to offer a post-document fellowship program

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Mangaluru: In other milestones in front of the academic, the National Institute of Technology-Karnataka (Kapaykal), will offer a post-doctoral two-year (post-doc) program for 10 researchers this year.
At present, these programs are only offered at centralized centralized institutions in India.
The uniqueness of this program is fully funded by the Institute.
Related processes and interviews will begin in November, said Y Umamaaheshwar Rao Director, Nit-k.
Candidates who submit this program must have a PhD title along with a strong research background (detail at
Rao told TOI that the post-doc program would help young thoughts conduct research in applying for their expertise.
“It also helps candidates chosen to expand their professional education and training.
In addition, such settings provide a platform for candidates who are interested in expanding significant skills, providing independent scholarship candidates, and help define future career paths.
Many Institutes in India and Overseas require a post-doctoral experience as a prerequisite for professional placement and faculty positions (Tenurial Tracks), “he said.
U Shripathi Acharya, Professor and Dean (Research and Consultation), Nit-K, said candidates with technical background and science can apply.
The amount, which is now limited to the 10 candidates, will increase in the coming years on request.
The chosen candidate will receive a monthly fellowship (scholarship) of Rs 50,000 and the amount of contingency of Rs 30,000 per year.

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