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Do you know Bappi Da is also a writer?

Do you know Bappi Da is also a writer?
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Bappi’s veteran singer Bappi Lahiri died this morning because of obstructive sleep apnea at criticism hospital, Mumbai.
He is 69 years old.
News of his death had left his fans in surprise, especially because he died only 10 days after the death of Nightingale Nightingale Lata Mangeshkar.
Share more detail about the death of Lahiri, Dr.
Deepak Namjoshi, the Board of Directors Hospital, told PTI, “Lahiri has been hospitalized for a month because of the lung infection caused by obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).
We have concentrated it.
Monday and He was really fine.
All vital normal.
But his health deteriorated on Tuesday and his family was called.
He was taken to the hospital.
He experienced many health problems.
He died of OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) not long before midnight.

Alokesh Lahiri aka BAPPI Lahiri was born in a family of musicians on November 27, 1952 in West Bengal.
His parents, Aparesh and Bansuri Lahiri, were Bengali singers.
And he was also related to the legendary singer Kishore Kumar, who was his mother’s uncle.
Bappi Lahiri is known for pioneering disco music synthesized in Indian cinema from the 1970s until the 1990s.
Some of the famous songs include ‘I am a disco dancer’, ‘Pag Ghunghroo’, ‘Jimmy Jimmy’, ‘Tamma Tamma Loge’, ‘Yaar Kahan Chain Re’, and recently ‘tune maari entryly’, among others.
He also made his debut as an actor at Kishor Kumar ‘Badhti Ka Naam Daadi’.
But do you know that despite being famous as a singer-actor, Bappi Lahiri is also a writer? In 2018, BAPPI Lahiri’s book ‘We are one world: peace, love and harmony’ released in the US, Canada and England.
This book has Lahiri songs and poems, which are dedicated to communal amity.
“I always want to do something for humanity, spread the love message that was reproduced by Chardaabi Chartbuster I ‘De Pyar de’,” he said in an interview to Mumbai Mirror.
Bappi Lahiri said that the inspiration of the mother of Teresa had blessed him, but he also showed that even though he made a name for himself, he did nothing for slum children.
That’s why he made the film ‘Slum Stars’ and asked some children from the slums to sing in the film.
“If this book does it well, I will build a school for them,” said Bappi Lahiri to Mumbai Mirror.
Only two days before his death, Bappi Lahiri had posted a photo of himself on Instagram with text: old always gold.
See this post on Instagram posts distributed by Bappi Lahiri (@bappilairi_official_)
The king of Disco also shared a rare picture of himself with Lata Mangeshkar, considering the legendary singer a few days ago.
See this post on Instagram posts distributed by Bappi Lahiri (@bappilairi_offifial_)
Bappi Lahiri last worked on ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ as a musician in September 2021.
Meanwhile, he was last seen on the screen with Salman Khan in one episode of Boss 15 BOSG weekend.
He will forever remember because of his extraordinary contribution to Indian music and cinema.
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