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Is fairy tale story right for children?

Is fairy tale story right for children?
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For children, fairy tales are an attraction, something mystical and open it to possibilities.
It gives them hope, entertaining them to sleep and tell them, there is always ‘happy forever’.
But in recent years, many have been in-depth showing some fairy tales such as ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’ have a damaging effect in the years of developing children.
A few years ago, Christian actress Bell expressed his inconvenience with the most famous daughter’s tale at Disney “Snow White”.
According to him, fairy tales sent wrong messages about the agreement and dangers of foreigners for their children.
Likewise, while many parents have grown and enjoy these stories, in a modern environment, they feel that it can endanger the perceptions of their children about themselves and how they look at others.
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The impact of fairy tales in sons and daughters
A fiction work is something that comes from someone’s imagination.
But it is for some point reflection from the reality we live in.
While adults to some extent know where to draw lines, children are vulnerable and innocent and can take everything for how exactly presented.
Fairy Tales for example positive in many aspects.
It helps children build resilience, make them hope and encourage them to dream and aspire.
But on the negative side, it also limits the role of the sons and daughters to gender norms that are socially built.
Traditional fairy tales like Cinderella, snow princesses, sleep beauty and beauty and animals are all good, a pleasant story to read.
But if you think about it, why Cinderella relies heavily on a charming prince to escape the cruel stepmother and her sister, why snow white or sleep beauty needs to be kissed by a charming prince to be saved and they really want to be kissing? All these questions may have disturbed people at least one point in life.
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Likewise, this fairy tale also imposes a certain role in boys.
They are the main protector, Seke of the Damsel’s rescue in trouble.
If they do not meet the expectations of the community, they risk their honor.
But what if they don’t look for fighting? What if they need protection? Why are they not allowed to express their worries? Again, these are some wrong questions.
Is it inclusive tale?
When it comes to fairy tales or children’s literature in general, we need to emphasize inclusiveness and diversity.
We need to ask how much and how accurate people from various backgrounds are being represented in stories and narratives.
Many traditional tales do not lack it.
While they managed to succeed in touching millions of hearts, they somehow failed to connect with people from various communities.
Representation is something very important.
Someone does not need to shake the facts, but eliminate one part of the community fully needs a victim to the development of everyone who is part of the community.
In the work of the guardian in 2015, an older adult young writer Daniel José José, “Literature work is not to protect young people from the ugly world; it is to arm them with the language they have known..

That said, someone must aim to expose children to different writing genres.
Parents must help children interpret and question errors that have long dominated our lives.
We must treat them as active recipients of what they read.

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