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Giant squirrel breeding to be taken in the pain

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Mangaluru: Piliculous Biological Park (PBP) in Piliculous Naresan Dhama has been chosen by the Central Zoo Authority for exclusive conservation and giant squirrel breeding program and King Cobras.
The two projects will be taken with an estimated cost of RS 4 Crore for five years, said PBP Director Hj Bhandar.
Bhandar told Tii, “This park has received two conservation breeding projects this year.
While the conservation of Malabar’s giant squirrel is being taken for the first time, the authority of the zoo has noticed the success of the breeding of Kradra King’s prisoners and has given permission given to breeding conservation.
2010, for the first time in the country, Cobra Nursery King Prisoners were carried out and more than 100 Cobra cats were raised.
While some king cobras were sent to the zoo throughout India as part of an animal exchange program, there were many who were released in the wild.
” This, the park has around 15 king cobra and three giant squirrels, he said.
Indian giant squirrels, also known as Malabar Giant Squirrel, are a large species of tree squirrels and are endangered species.
This is the largest squirrel of India and Western Ghat species.
The population decline was due to habitat loss forcing the authority of the zoo to introduce this program.
The authority selects species to breed based on several factors including what suits that place.
Because giant squirrels are Western Ghat species, Piliculous may be chosen for the project, an officer said.
“Endangered species are chosen for breeding projects.
After successful breeding and we get enough numbers, they are sent to various Indian zoos mostly under animal exchange programs.
Once there is enough numbers, some of them are also released in the wild.
Those who have been chosen to be released in the wild, will be stored in less human contact, “said an officer.
Piliculous has around 1,300 mammals, reptiles and birds.

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