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Japanese PM Kishida and Korean month discuss the remaining future disputes

Japanese PM Kishida and Korean month discuss the remaining future disputes
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Tokyo: New Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Friday told reporters he had said with South Korean President Moon Jae-in urged the “appropriate” response to disputes including compensation for the forced war labor.
The moon said he told Kishida in their first telephone conversation that it was important to resolve the problems of the war in a way that did not cause diplomatic friction, said South Korea’s Blue Presidential House.
Neighboring countries have long been in a row of regional claims and history of their war, including compensation for Koreans who were forced to work in Japanese companies and military brothels during the 1910-1945 colonial government of Japan.
Disagreement of a court decision was recently related to forced labor issues had been followed by disputes about non-resolved export control.
Kishida, who became prime minister on October 4, said he told the moon that bilateral relations were in a “difficult situation”, adding “I was very calling for the right response” on problems such as war compensation.
While he did not describe the expression, Japan had long argued that compensation problems were completed under the 1965 agreement between countries.
Late in September, a South Korean court ordered that the assets confiscated from the Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries were sold to pay compensation to two women who had forced labor for companies during the occupation on the Japanese Peninsula, the more tension tension.
“The relationship between the two countries has difficulty because of some problems, but I think we can handle it together if we have willingness and make efforts,” said Moon, according to the South Korean government statement.
In the North Korean subject, which has carried out a lot of missile launches in recent weeks, he said he and the month confirmed that they would work together bilaterally in dealing with Pyongyang, and working with the United States.
In July it canceled plans to visit Tokyo for the first Olympics and summit with Yoshihide Suga-Yoshihide Suga, but in August he said his government remained open to dialogue with Japan to improve cooperation.
Kishida, who on Thursday said he would prioritize “personal diplomacy,” said no plan at this point for the summit with the moon.

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