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Karnataka and international scientists study frogs dancing

Karnataka and international scientists study frogs dancing
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Mangaluru / Bengaluru: Together with eight other researchers, Dr.
Gururutaja KV, a battery at the Institute of Art, Design and Manipal Srishti, and his wife Dr.
Priti Gururaja, studied the default behavior between the frogs in West Ghats, a paper ‘a signature The general endocrine marks the evolution of convergent from the look of complicated dance in frogs published in the October issue of ‘American Naturalists’.
However, what made two outstanding scientists more important was that the pair decided to publish abstract from research papers in Kannada.
Their aim is to instill into the Cannada scientific term, which will facilitate the general public to discuss complex concepts.
Furthermore, the couple hopes to encourage other scientists to publish all papers on Kannada.
“This is an effort to reach a wider audience.
Maybe there is no equivalent term for many English words in scientific papers on Kannada.
By publishing abstracts in Kannada, we hope to introduce the public to vocabulary that can be used in shared language.
We also Hope this helps people overcome their doubts to publish their papers on Kannada.
The main objective of the study is that he must reach out to people, and they are fog to understand the rich biodiversity in their own backyard, and Western Ghats, “Gururaja said.
Nigel K Anderson, Eric R Schuppe, Lisa A Mangiamele, Juan Carlos Cusi Martinez, Rudolf Von, Doris Preininger and Matthew J Fuxjiger are other researchers involved in this study.
The team tried to make sure what triggered a foot marker among the frog, where curved a male frog and twisted his back foot in the air, the visual sign that was no longer wrong.
This paper lends a new dimension to explain this action between frogs.
“We have tried to analyze this habit among frog species throughout the world,” said Gururaja, whose wife Priti worked in the midst of ecology at the Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru.
The team of experts examined Kottigehar’s dancing frogs, the scientific name namely Micrixalus Kottegeharensis.
He showed that there were around 24 species of frog dancing in Western Ghats.
“We are now aware that frogs in 18 species show the habit of reading feet.
In India, male frogs are involved in this habit to defend their territory of other disturbing men, while women’s specimens do so to cover their egg grips in flowing flows Slow.
For our research, we only consider male frogs.
This is a 12-year collaborative effort with Dr.
Doris Preininger from the University of Vienna.
We conducted research after obtaining permission from the National Biodiversity Authority and the Ministry of Forestry in Karnataka, “Gururaja added.

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