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Kerala reported 8,867 new Covid-19 cases, 67 deaths

Kerala reported 8,867 new Covid-19 cases, 67 deaths
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Kochi: Kerala reported 8,867 new Covid-19 cases and 67 deaths on Friday, took the total affected in the country to 48.29,565 and the death toll until 26.734 to 26,734 to date.
Health Minister Veena Negara George said 79,554 samples were tested in the last 24 hours and there were 211 wards in 158 local government agencies with a weekly infection population ratio above 10 percent.
The minister said there were 94,756 active Covid-19 cases where 9.8 percent were hospitalized.
Among the districts, Ernakulam reported the highest number of positive cases at 1,337 followed by Thiruvananthapuram 1,288 and thrissur 1,091.
“From those found infected on Friday, 32 reached the country from the outside of 8,434 contracted diseases through their contacts.
The source of infection 337 has not been traced.
Enamtyfour health workers are also infected,” Minister said in a press conference.
There were 3,27,682 people under observations where 10,622 were on the isolation path of various hospitals.
A total of 9,872 was restored from the disease on Friday taking a total of recovery in the country to 47.16,728.
The minister said 93.7 percent of the target population (2.50,45,318) received the first dose of the temporary vaccine 44.9 percent (1,20,06,707) got both doses.

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