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K’taka: Hijab protests lit in several schools

K'taka: Hijab protests lit in several schools
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Bengaluru: Karnataka witnessed protests by Muslim women and several parents around 50 government secondary schools in various parts of the country.
They want to be allowed to attend the class wearing a headscarf.
High schools opened back throughout the state on Monday and there were several protests on the first day.
The state government has increased the security of the police as a pre-university college, closed due to violent protests last week to wear headscarves in the classroom, will open on Wednesday.
Thirteen women boycotted the examination of SSLC preparations on Monday because it was not permitted to wear a headscarf and entered the classroom, and the number increased to around 500 students on Tuesday.
More than 160 students boycotted classes in the Shivamogga and Chikkamagaluru districts alone where Muslim girls learn in large quantities.
“We have grown wearing a hijab since our childhood and we cannot give up.
I will not write a test.
I will go home,” a hijab girl told the teacher when they asked him to remove his headscarf.
Some videos of angry parents arguing with school authorities and police for alleged rejection into the classroom wearing a viral hijab.
This was reported in several government schools.
A student tried to showcase a turmeric scarf in Chikkamagaluru, but it bunches shoots by a teacher and the principal closes the school for that day.
Some students were asked to sit in a separate room because they refused to take the exam without wearing scarves in schools in the city of Shivamogga and Udupi.
The Karnataka High Court, in the temporary place last week, held back students to wear a turmeric scarf, scarves and headscarves in the classroom.
The government on Tuesday confirmed that it was committed to implementing the temporary order of the court.
This is a response to the problem filed by the MLA Congress and his deputy leader in the Legislative Assembly UT Khader during zero hours.
He expressed concern for “confusion and interpretation” on court orders during his implementation in the field.
“I want to ensure that the government is committed to implementing a court order,” said Minister of Law and Parliamentary J C Madhuswamy.
Khader said: “When a court order is related to universities, it is being held at school, even at the elementary school level, thus creating confusion.” He added that, while the order regarding the dress code, it was wrongly interpreted and even the teacher and staff were not allowed to wear a headscarf.
Appeal for peace “I begged all students, parents, and the public to maintain peace.
I asked all not to increase the slogan, criticize or comment.
Outsiders will not be allowed to campus.
The principal and staff have been asked to take all prevention steps , “said CN Ashwath Narayan, Higher Education Minister.

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