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K’Taka: Parties plan to pass joint resolutions on unity

K'Taka: Parties plan to pass joint resolutions on unity
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Bengaluru: Legislative Assembly and the Board plan to pass the resolution to reaffirm the importance of protecting communal harmony in educational institutions and spreading unity messages among students.
The legislators who cut party lines urged all parties to draw consensus and pass the resolution on the lines that were passed in assembly during a series of winter sessions, when the language lines have erupted between Karnataka and Maharashtra.
The Chairman of the Bukavaraj Minister Bommai has transferred the resolution in the assembly after several criminals damaged the statues of the National Hero, including Sangaiolli Rulanna, Kitur Chennamma, Basvanna and Chhatrapati Shivaji.
“It is the government’s responsibility to ensure a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in schools and colleges and must take the initiative to provide resolution,” UT Khader, the Deputy Leader of the Congress floor in the Assembly.
However, it will be a challenging task, considering the powerful party and the main opposition is for forging the hijab problem.
In language problems, the three parties were on the same page in condemning alleged provocation by Maharashtra Ekikaran Samiti and Shiv Sena.
Also, when the BJP and Congress were seen trying to calm the sound banks each of the annoying hijab problems, political considerations can come in how to take a shared attitude.

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