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K’Taka order church surveys to ‘check forced conversions’

K'Taka order church surveys to 'check forced conversions'
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Bengaluru: The legislative panel about the reverse class and the welfare of the minority has requested a church survey in the state in an effort to get rid of “invalid”.
Various government authorities and district commissioners have been instructed to conduct surveys.
GooSihati Shekhar, BJP MLA from Hosadurga, who led the Committee meeting on October 13, in the absence of Chairman of BJP Kumta MLA was jetted by Keshav Shetty, told TII that this survey aims to examine “the conversion of rampant forced religion in several parts of Karnataka” including his home district Chitradurga.
He said representatives from backward classes and minority affairs, houses, income and legal departments have stated at a meeting that there are around 1,790 churches in Karnataka.
The Committee has asked them to find out how many of them are illegally established, he said, adding that according to the Department of Home, 36 forced conversion cases have been registered throughout the state.
“The threat of forced conversion is very rampant so that the perpetrators even convert a place to live into a church and the Bible community.
We need to find out the number of companies like that and also unauthorized Christian priests and take action against them,” Shekhar said.
He said the churches and biblical communities, which have not been registered and lack of permission from the directorate of minority welfare or the Minority Commission, are considered ‘illegal.
“He said the meeting was attended by nine members when the panel consisted of 20 members consisting of 20 members, with the next meeting scheduled for October 27.
After the report was prepared, it would be submitted before the committee which in turn would be submitted at assembly for government actions.
Some Members to object to the next meeting, Shekhar’s move, however, has raised sharp reactions from other panel members and many have decided to oppose it at the next meeting.
“Many members missed the meeting for legitimate reasons and Shekhar seemed to have used it.
We will oppose it at the next meeting, “said Rizwan Arshad, MLA Congress from Shivajinagar.
Shekhar seems to be special about acting against those involved in forced conversion because he complained that his mother was the victim because he was changed to Christianity.
He has raised this problem in the monsun session Last month’s legislature.
Earlier this week, he claimed that the mother and four other families were brought back as part of the Ghar Wapsi program that had been launched.
The Archdocate opposes the Bangalore MovearchDiosis on Friday against the state of the state government to survey the Christian missionaries and their places of worship.
Rev Peter Machado, Archbishop of Bangalore, said the exercise was not necessary.
“With this, our community worship places as well as pastors and sisters will be identified and may be targeted unfairly.
We have heard such sporadic incidents in the north and in Karnataka, “said Machado.” Let the government take educational institutions and health centers run by Christian missionaries.
It will provide a fair idea about the services provided by the Christian community to the nation building.
How many people are converted in this place and institution? If Christians convert indiscriminately then why the percentage of Christian population reduces regularly when compared to others? Why is the government interested in conducting surveys from religious personnel and places of worship only from this community? We were sad that CM Basilvaraj Bommai gave up on the pressure of the fundamentalist group, “he said and want to be the main in the service of the poor and oppressed in the country.
We need support and encouragement from the government, “he added.

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